Mentoring For Artists

Bespoke mentoring packages for committed artists working in any creative field including Fine Art, Craft, Design, Music, Architecture, Writing..  

Whether you feel stuck, confused, lost, frustrated or simply want to move to the next level, raise your bar and step up to it – I can help you.

It’s not always easy being an ‘artist’. Often we work alone without support or regular income, and our values, drive and purpose can easily be misunderstood by the rest of society. Sometimes it can seem as if we exist in a different paradigm.

With isolation and distractions it can seem like an uphill struggle to stay focused. We plateaux, function in ‘the safe zone’, make reckless and inappropriate leaps of faith, fall flat on our faces. Moving to the next level, or simply maintaining a position as it currently stands, can seem incredibly daunting. With no ‘artist’ manual, being unique and authentic can be exposing and set you out from the crowd. Sometimes we need some help with that.

As an artist since 1970’s I know the territory. I’ve floundered, resisted, procrastinated and in luckier moments excelled, but each time I’ve fallen flat on my face, or found myself invited to step to the next level, with my nose up to the glass wondering if I dare step forwards, it’s brought me to question my purpose, meaning, and values.

Continuous professional support and guidance from mentors, coaches, psychotherapists, and people in business over the past four decades has been invaluable to me. Yet often I longed for a person; the one person and one whole system that could deliver what I needed to me, that could embrace and work with all aspects of me and my life: my professional, personal, psychological, spiritual, sexual, creative, relational and practical parts – all at one time.

Wanting to give to others, the service I had been searching for, pushed me to invest heavily in several trainings between 1995-2013.  These include Applied Psychology, Psychosynthesis Psychotherapy, and CTI Leadership. This work now underpins all my work and life and compliments previous trainings in art and design and life experiences.

It is with much gratitude to my teachers, peers and clients, that I am now able to offer to you something of the flavour of the service I was searching for for myself.

I am passionate about authenticity of the creative self and am committed to assisting artists, to understand themselves better, stand more confidently in their own unique truth and find and refine their own authentic self expression. I want to help artists develop their practice further, so that it can be all that they want it to be, without restraint or inhibition.

What’s the point of making and creating from any place other than the depth of you?

I will help you address your limiting beliefs, let go of your attachment to you comfort zones, and realise your truest dreams. (and we can deal with the practical stuff along the way too.) 

Your creative self is my main concern.



Phone or email me to book an initial chat on the phone or skype.

Once we agree to work together I will design a bespoke mentoring program tailored specifically for you.

Sessions can be in person, on the phone or via Skype. It’s up to you.


Veronique Maria:

phone +44 (0) 7939530771




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