about me

I want to help you ‘come home’ to yourself.

I am an artist passionate about the importance of creativity and self expression. I believe everyone is fundamentally a creative being at their core. I’ve been fortunate to live a life of relative creative ease. I always considered myself as an artist and (for the most part) found it relatively easy to follow my heart in that respect. My mission is to enable others to do the same.


I want to help you find, explore and grow your own truly unique creative self.

I coach individuals, mentor artists and lead retreats and workshops which are suitable for everyone.

My aim is to create safe spaces which support the uncovering or ‘you’. I want to help you explore yourself without restriction so you can know and express your most ‘authentic and creative self’.

I’ve worked in the arts since 1975. Originally I trained as a transparency retoucher and then in art and design, and I have worked as a self employed artist, teacher and lecturer since 1970’s. Between 1995-2003, I re-trained as a psychotherapist with the Institute of Psychosynthesis, London and for a while my clinical practice ran alongside my art practice but it soon became apparent to me that I needed to bring my skills and experience as an artist together with my experience as psychotherapist and work with clients solely in the context of creativity. This is where my passion is because I believe our creative self, once freed up, helps us release ourselves in all other aspects of our life.

With this deep desire to help people live with more creativity in their lives I went on to gain a Masters Degree in Applied Psychosythesis Psychology (Applied to Fine Art Practice) from Middlesex University in 2003 and followed this up with a professional trainings in Leadership from the Coaches Training Institute USA in 2010-12.

Being an artist’s mentor, creativity coach and workshop leader allows be to bring all my skills and experience together to support others.

Over the years I have helped all sorts of people grow their creativity and feel more comfortable in their own skin. My clients range from students fresh to full time study, to people who have been working in the arts for years and who have lost touch with their own true voice. I also work with business professionals, people who are retired and in fact, anyone who wants to open to themselves and find their truest form of expression.

As well as the arts and psychology, I’ve also worked in advertising, design, and in property. I’m currently designing and developing a small property which I’m creating for intimate retreats and creativity workshops.

I am deeply committed to being in service to others. To do this work well, I have found that I need a ‘spiritual praxis’. Since 1989 I have been exploring meditation, mindfulness, and body work specifically within a Buddhist context and have recently asked for ordination in the Triratna tradition of Buddhist.

I believe that how we are in our relationships, with ourselves others and in the world, plays out in how we connect to our creativity. With this in mind I am particularly interested in supporting others to find ways to unblock resistance and fear, and generally become more open to ones whole being: ones sexual, spiritual and physical/material self.

I am professionally supervised in my coaching, mentoring and teaching work and I am a member of three independent peer groups for leadership, coaching and psychology.

I have been mentored by artists such as Simon Grennan, Professor Danny Rolph, Janine Antoni, Sir Antony Gormley OBE, Alinah Azadeh and Zeirle & Carter, writers such as Peter London and Eina Mchugh, psychologists such as Samantha Cairns, Steve Simpson, and founders/directors of Institute of Psychosynthesis, London: Joan Evans, and Roger Evans and my coaching and leadership trainers in CTI were Elaine Jaynes, Okokon Udu.

In my personal art practice I design and direct projects, attend International residencies and work collaboratively in a number of genres including video, painting and live-art performance, sculpture, installation, and monumental site-specific earth work. My consistent interest has aways been on the sexual, spiritual and relationship self and my most recent area of research is around ‘painting as meditation’.

Over the years I’ve received substantial, ongoing, private and corporate  sponsorship, several awards and funded residencies and since 1992 I have been regularly and generously supported by Arts Council England.

I have exhibited extensively since the 1970’s, have work in collections worldwide, and have had writing work published in Psychosynthesis Psychology – Theory and Practice Volume 2. (Institute of Psychosynthesis 2015). Prior to that my MA thesis explored ‘The Creative Process of Perceiving Art as we Journey Towards Self’.

I have lived and worked in UK, Ireland, Iceland, New Mexico, USA, Canada, the Middle East and New Zealand, and I’m profoundly influenced by cultures that consider making processes and prayer together. I currently live in Sussex UK, close to Cissbury Ring, on the edge of the South Downs National Park and near the sea.

As well as being passionate about art, creativity and self expression, I love the simple things in life: hot baths, crackling log fires, gardens, the sound of bird song, the smell of horses, laughter of a child and the tender touch of a loved one.

I am a devoted mother and grandmother, incredibly grateful for all life’s riches, gifts and opportunities. I try to focus on the positive side of things at all times but I am human and can be challenged, lost and lonely, pushed to the edge too. I recognise these times of darkness as opportunities offering great potential for growth. Imperfection is beauty. It’s by acknowledging that place of imperfection and vulnerability that we begin our best and boldest work.

“Ring the bells that still can ring, forget your perfect offering, there is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.” Leonard Cohen  

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